The Following topics are covered under the security training program by INFANTRY SECURITY & FACILITIES during initial training

Definition of Security – Prevention of Loss

Type of Security :-

  • Security of personnel

  • Security of materials

  • Security of information

  • Physical Security

Physical Security

  • Gate duties and movement control at peak hours
  • Key management
  • Access Control – Physical and Bio-metric
  • Maintenance of Visitor Register
  • Maintenance of Material Movement Registers
  • Use and control of Different types of Gate passes
  • Frisking of personnel and vehicles
  • Use of Under carriage mirrors
  • Scanning of baggage and personal belongings
  • Visitor passes – issue, control and accounting
  • Vendor passes – issue, control and accounting
  • Elevation of incident reports
  • Handing/taking over of duties
  • Perimeter and building patrolling

Office & Documentation Security.

  • Use of Pen Drives, Pen cameras, Laptops and access to Interne
  • Disposal of waste papers and shredding machines.
  • Use of web cameras/surveillance equipments.
  • Security Related IPC Sections

First AID

  • Dos and Don’ts- Applicable for all sorts of accidents
  • Types of injuries
  • Precautions and Local treatments for wounds and fractures
  • Snake Bite Kit – Correct Use and demo
  • Evacuation of victim –cares to be taken in case of fractures
  • Treatment for heart ailments
  • Treatments for fits/sun strokes
  • Care for burn injuries
  • Restriction on administrating food and fluids to victims

Fire Safety & Evacuation Procedures

  • Types of Fires
  • Types of Fire Extinguishers
  • Correct use Fire Extinguishers
  • Correct use of fire hydrants
  • Fire Alarms and fire panels
  • Smoke Detectors and water sprinklers
  • Nomination of Fire Marshal and Chief Fire Marshals
  • Building Evacuation procedures
  • Marking of FAPs (Fire Assembly Points)
  • Duties of Fire management party
  • Duties of Salvage party
  • Guarding during the fire and post fire incident
  • Call and guiding to Fire Tenders
  • Report of incident and corrective measures
  • Communications /Use of RT Sets ( Radio Trunking Sets)
  • Bomb Thereat Procedures & Security measures.
  • Use of PPE
  • Security Registers & Report Formats
  • Elevator Malfunctions
  • Major Electrical power failures. – Use of Gen Set and periodic testing
  • BCP (Business Continuity Planning)
  • Situation/crowd Handling